Rainbow Gallery of Stories

Nicola, Lancaster

Nicola, Lancaster

Sep 15, 2021

As the Great British Rainbow Active Series gathers momentum, gaining support from participants nationwide, we thought we would share some of their heart-warming stories beginning with Lancaster mum Nicola who is walking to support Preston Hospital.

Like us, we’re sure you will find her truly inspirational and a great ambassador for the Series. Here’s what she says:


I found out about the Series through Facebook. I’ve always loved a challenge and as a bonus I really liked the name too.

As I looked more into the organisation I found it was inspiring and encouraging to promote and raise awareness for the amazing work the NHS has achieved and still achieves.

I first needed the help of the NHS at the birth of my son. He arrived two months premature.  The NHS did so much for me and looked after my son for two months in the special care unit. They gave me my own room so I could stay with my son, supported me as a mum and looked after my son’s medication needs 24/7.

I can not thank them enough for the care of my son. He was born in Preston hospital and later went to Lancaster hospital. He came out of hospital two days before Christmas in 2016. What an amazing present that was for me.

The NHS helped me again in 2020. I became unable to walk and talk suddenly. I have neurology problems in my legs and feet. 

The Series gave me a challenge to start increasing my physical activity.  I was able to talk again but struggled with walking long distances. This challenge gave me realistic goals to achieve. I gave myself a one mile goal to achieve in segments by the end of June. It took a lot of strength but with the support of the other challengers I did it. I’m continuing to improve slowly and it’s given me a postive twist on life.

I think this challenge has helped a lot of people through mental health, physical health and of course the NHS too.

If you’re on the edge about doing this challenge go for it and be brave. From 1 mile to 100 miles any challenge is incredible. I’ve really enjoyed my challenges and this month my son is joining me. It’s a lovely thing to share together.