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Cherrie, Swansea

Cherrie, Swansea

Sep 15, 2021

Cherrie’s family have a very special reason to support the Morriston Hospital, Swansea. They are ever grateful for the care of a family member who was treated there for Covid. Thank you to them for their big effort.

Here’s what Cherrie has to say:

Our family joined the Series with a goal of walking 20km in August and we were able to achieve this – and even walk more than we pledged!
We enjoyed walking as family to our favourite spots at foreshores and parks and at the same time gave ourselves time to stretch and regain our physical strength, most especially the head of our family – our daddy who was severely affected by Covid-19 last year.
We chose Morriston Hospital to be the recipient since he was confined there for 40 days.  We were so grateful for all the staff who looked after him and to his colleagues and manager who helped during our most difficult time.
We hope to join again next time for the Series activities. A big thanks and congratulations to the organisers for doing this.