International Challenge

The Series is supported by ACES Europe – the organisation responsible for assessing and awarding destinations across Europe and beyond for prestigious sports awards.

We are showcasing an award-winning European City of Sport each month and inviting Series participants to run, cycle or walk the distance it would take to get from the UK to the city. 



September : Terrasa

Terrasa is a city in the east-central region of Catalonia in Spain, in the province of Barcelona.

With a strong sporting tradition and cultural history, plus a favourable climate and challenging mountain terrain on the doorstep, Terrassa is a great place to lead an active lifestyle.

The Challenge Distance

From the HQ of the GB Rainbow Active Series in Staffordshire, it is 1732km to Terrassa in Spain.

So the challenge for this month is 1732km – or 1076 miles! Complete the distance wherever you want, whenever you want throughout the month.

Share Your Achievement

If you’re brave enough to take on our ACES Europe international distance challenge, then enter HERE.

When you undertake your activity, send us through some photos and updates during the month…and of course the ‘achievement photo’ when you complete it.